Construction pieces

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Construction pieces

A great selection of items to complete your hand-built dollshouse or simply change a door or window. Interior and...



  • Doors - Exterior and Interior

    Solid-panelled doors, half-glazed, doubles, singles, shop doors, fancy front doors, simple kitchen doors and interior doors, most with inner frames.

  • Sheets of window decoration, leaded lights etc.

    Acetate and acrylic sheets for creating 'leaded' lights, 'stained glass' panels etc.

  • Bricks, tiles, slabs etc.

    Building pieces, bricks, tiles, slabs for floors, walls and roofing, in many different materials. Wood, clay, slate, plastic, ceramics, stone, glass fibre plus a range of high-quality hand-made pieces.

  • Ceiling roses, resin mouldings and swags

    Ceiling roses, mouldings, swags and general adornments in resin

  • Wooden mouldings

    Wooden mouldings, cornices, coving, skirting and pieces for general decoration

  • Metal hardware

    Hardware department. Hinges, screws, tacks, magnets, hooks and eyes, knobs and knockers, door handles, chains, light switches, letter boxes, door numbers and much more.

  • Windows

    Windows of many sizes and materials, most with frames. Arched, Georgian, Victorian, rustic, classic, singles doubles, round, hexagonal, working and non-working, some with real glass.

  • Stairs and Banisters

    Stairs and banisters, all solid wood. Whole staircases or separate pieces, handrails and steps. Whole staircases for right and left, dogleg and curved.

  • DIY spindles,stretchers, finials

    DIY spindles,stretchers, finials. Decorative wooden pieces for building projects, furniture, decoration etc.

  • Accessories for miniature drills etc.

    Accessories for miniature drills etc.

  • Paint brushes

    Paint brushes