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No supermarket offers more dollshouse food than our own food hall. For the kitchen or prepared for the dining room,...



  • Printed sheets

    Printed sheets:cut-outs for labelling food crates, prints and pictures for the wall, maps etc.

  • Shop blanks

    Shop blanks: tins, bottles,crates and map hangers, loose fruit

  • Miscellaneous food items, jars, crates etc.

    Miscellaneous food items, jars, crates etc.

  • Fruit and Vegetables

    Fruit and veggies for your dollshouse. Miniature strawberries, cherries, apricots, grapes, oranges, apples, pears, loose and arranged on platters or in a basket or crate. 12th scale potatoes, asparagus, tomatoes, leeks and much more.

  • Plated Food

    Plates of food for your dollshouse. Miniature meals ready on a plate for your 12th scale dolls at their dollshouse dining table

  • Cakes and Puddings

    Cakes and Puddings for your dollshouse. Miniature sweet things for your 12th scale dollshouse dining room table.

  • Savouries

    Dollshouse savouries. Meats, delicatessen, pies, sausages, roasts on a platter, fish, seafood, salads for your 12th scale dollshouse dining table

  • Janette's food

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